Real Estate Investment ShreveportDon’t let others control what you invest in!

Are you tired of the ups and downs in the stock market? Do you start getting ahead then all of a sudden the Hammer comes down and you have to wait 2 or 3 years all over again to recover from bad advice from some Shreveport stock broker who makes less that you? Do you ever stop and think why would you take financial advice from anyone who is not making more money than you? Does your financial Planner limit your investments to mutual funds, stocks, cds, money market, Roth IRA, IRAs. Does your financial PlannerĀ in Shreveport even know that you can invest your money in real estate from a Roth IRA and get payments every month tax free from a secured investment? The old ways of investing and managing your money is dying every day, if you do what your parents did you WILL retire BROKE!

When you partner with Krohn Group located in Bossier City you are not only investing you are a business partnership, and control what you invest in. What does that mean? It means whatever your investment you choose it may be a Shreveport home, Apartment, Mobile Home, Land, Subdivision, or any kind of Real Estate you choose to invest in you will have a lien or a join venture with Krohn Group. If for whatever reason you do not get paid back your investment, you will get a repaired home on average 70% of the market value back to you. Lets take a few examples from the stock market, when you invested in Enron when it went bankrupt, did any of those investors get their money back? How about Bernard Madoff were those people who invested with him secured? WorldCom 2003 when they went belly up and your stock broker kept saying ” BUY BUY BUY it is cheap!! ” to see it fall to zero.

How is my investment secured??

Your investment is secured by Real Estate by Investing in Bossier City, Real Estate Investing Shreveport. You can touch the home, you can see it, you can view financials of property each and every month. You can even see your company or your name on the court house records. On average you as a investor have no more than .75c on the dollar in each property never higher, we only invest in great deals. Example $100,000.00 house = no more than $75,000.00 invested by you or your company.

How much can I make from real estate investing?
We rarely flip but when we do you can expect very fast and high returns, up to 40% yearly if 4 or more homes are flipped in a year. Most of the time we hold the homes for cash flow monthly and you can earn a safe 10% return on your money monthly. Here is a example : Shreveport Real Estate Investment $100,000.00 loaned at a 10% return secured by real estate = $10,000 a year, you would receive $833.33 per month that is 10,000 divided by 12 months per year. What if a natural disaster strikes the house? Every Home is insured and also insured for loss of rents. Although we do not do only Rentals most of the homes we do are Rent to Owns.

Here is our first testimonal

Dear Krohn Group,

Thanks I was very skeptical when I decided to invest with your company,we had to try something different, was sick and tired of my Bossier City Stock Broker. He thought he knew it all, and always told me don’t sell, the stock market will come back. I was in the stock market for over 12 years waiting for my money to recover. Got tired of the ups and downs in mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. When I cashed out my local stock broker said you can’t invest anywhere where it is safe return it is a scam if they say it is. When I was searching for a investment management company in Shreveport, I found your site so I gave you guys a call a few meetings later we became partners. The first deal didn’t come right away. So when the call came in for the money, I had second thoughts, but my risk side took over and said lets go for it! My first investment with you guys has worked way beyond my expectations. My first Real Estate Investment in Bossier City was $136,500.00 all I did was write the check. As per our agreement I got paid back in 58 days, 32 days early! $136,500.00 plus $10,237.50. In the stock market it would have taken me a year to get that return. I can’t wait until the next call I get, and thanks for helping with my retirement and investing strategy. I will never listen to my Shreveport Financial Adviser again!


Shreveport, LA

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