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Saturday, February 7th, 2015

I Need to Sell My Bossier City House Fast!

Bossier City Real Estate

If you’re on this page, you more than likely are needing to sell your house fast, and are starting to feel desperate to get your Bossier City Home

 sold. Are you getting behind on your mortgage? Bought a new house and can’t sell your current home? Did you lose a job and now you can’t afford your mortgage? Did buy your home with a VA loan, and now Barksdale Air Force Base is transferring you? Did you list your Bossier City Home, and didn’t sell? Did you inherit a property from your parents, and the house hasn’t been updated for years?
We are Real Estate Investors located in Bossier City, LA. on Benton Road we have been in Business locally buying houses since 2005. Whatever the problem is, we can help, or at least refer or point you in the right direction!

Selling Your House is not as easy as it sounds

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein

One of the hardest decisions anyone can make who owns a home, is to sell it. Life has many twists and turns, different things can happen Death, Divorce, Loss of a Job, Health problems. These things can wreck havoc on your emotions, and at the same time you have to deal with the financial mess that it causes. Through it all you may be force to sell your Bossier City House FAST! You may be faced with a tough decision, to list your home with a Realtor, Sell it by Owner, or let the Bank take it back through foreclosure, these are all options. Only if your home is perfect, and in a great neighborhood do houses sell with a Bossier City Realtor at retail prices in Bossier City. It is our Goal at Krohn Group, along with our Partners to create a win-win for everyone involved, and through the process to be honest and straight forward from start to finish.

Beware of new investors promising the world

You may be going through hard times, and you are being forced to sell your Bossier City Home. You might be doing many Google searches trying to find someone to buy your house. Over 80% of those websites are national brands who just send leads and sell leads to other new investors. Many new investors do not know the true house values, and do not understand what another investor will pay for your Bossier House, They lock it up just like a Realtor and try to sell it. The Truth is you must be willing to offer terms, and/or a Major Discount to sell your house Fast.
Our first objective is…we are on your side, and if you don’t feel good about it, we won’t pressure you. We want to help you from the bad situation you maybe in. When life happens, selling your Bossier City house fast, we will offer you multiple solutions. We will always put your needs first, but understand we have to make a win-win for everyone involved.

Example of Options we offer:

1. We buy your Bossier City House with Cash
2. We buy your house and you finance it
3. We refer to a Broker if you need retail
4. we refer out to our Short Sale Specialist
5. We take over your payments and you deed the home over
6. Property Management ( If you will win each month with payments )
7. Many more

Many Options run out if you need to sell fast, we are here to help if you’re a distressed homeowner.

Here are some Reasons family’s have to Sell Their House

1. Divorce: Not much to explain here, these days it takes 2 incomes to pay a mortgage.
2. Job Loss: You may have lost your Job and your house is in Bossier City, LA.
3. Foreclosure: Your house may be in foreclosure for whatever reason, and you would like the chance to save your credit.
4. Estate Sale : Death in the family, and do not want the property and needs work.
5. Health Reasons: Whomever maybe sick, health problems are the biggest financial burden in America these days, and they can destroy your ability to pay your monthly payments.
6. Moved Out of State: Tried to rent house and the Bossier City renters are taking advantage of you.

Take Action

These are the main reasons why a someone might need to sell home in Bossier City, LA. For Whatever reason, understand you are not alone. We have helped many people over the last 14 years, and I personally understand what you maybe going though at this time. When you meet with one of our Local Shreveport, Bossier City Investors, we will listen and do our best to understand your problem, and point you in the right direction.

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Renting a Mobile Home

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Most Shreveport Mobile Homes for Rent are not easy to find, and we want to help you find one. Here are the top sites you should search in this order. We will also list a positive and a negative for each site, paper, or Real Estate agency.


Mobile homes for rent

1. Craigslist Rental section

Positive: Can find the best deals on the site, motivated advertisers.

Negative : Will find fake ads and pe
ople who may scam.

2. Zillow Mobile Homes for rent

Positive : They have a rent range to go by so you know that your not over paying

Negative : Not as many to choose from

3.  Thrifty Nickel / American Classifieds

Positive : Every ad is by a real person guaranteed !!

Negative : Not as many to choose from, as most have to pay for ads

4. Trulia

( See Zillow Real Estate above )

5. Facebook

Positives : You can find some of the best deals here on this site bar none, just search for your local House for Rent groups or mobile home rental groups.

Negative : People are very flaky and many times don’t respond or follow though if they have already rented the mobile home.

6. Rent-max

Positive : Most of the rentals in Shreveport or Bossier City you will find here, as the landlords do not have to purchase ad space

Negative : You may purchase the list only to find that Landlords are not updating and many are already rented, and/or you don’t find what your looking for.


Rent to OWN Homes in Shreveport – Bossier City

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Thanks for completing the waiting list, we will contact you if we find a Rent to OWN house to fit your needs here in Shreveport or Bossier City

If you plan on doing a lease with a Option to purchase on a house, it’s a good idea to get some knowledge regarding your next purchase.

Here are some of the keywords someone might type trying to find this Article:

Rental House Louisiana
Rental Home Arkansas
Rental House Mississippi
Rental Home Texas

Shreveport Real Estate Agent – What to ask before you hire !

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

1. Ask the Shreveport Real Estate Agent if they are licensed and if it’s up to date.

2. Ask the Realtor if they are a full time agent or part time agent, you would be surprised how many real estate agents out there are working part time, and marketing part time on your Shreveport home or Bossier City home.

3. What type of training do they have and continue to do, are they good at Shreveport internet marketing, or do they have a local expert company working with them? Have them show you their current listings on the web from their website and to any other resource they may have that shows their current clients homes. Since the Internet is the most popular way to find Shreveport homes and Bossier homes, you better have a agent that knows what they are doing when it comes to this area. You would be surprised how many Shreveport and Bossier Realtor’s know less than their clients.

4. Ask the Realtor if they answer their phone on a regular basis, and how long is their policy on returning your calls?

5. How many listings does the Bossier Realtor, or Shreveport Realtor have? If it is in the double digits then it is a red flag, that is a sign they go out and get listings on a day to day basis, put them in the Louisiana MLS, and do not concentrate on selling the properties. These realtors wait on buyers agents to come in and bring them them buyers.

6. Shreveport Home buyers and home sellers should ask the real estate agent for a printout of all the recent selling prices and the original listing prices of homes in their neighborhood. How much did the home’s sell for? How many days were they on the market? Did any of the sellers have to drop their price drastically to sell the home? Bottom line do your own due diligence on your selling price. DO NOT let the Realtor over price your home from the start, those people who look at it the first time will never show back up later once the Shreveport Home price is reduced, most of the time they have already moved on and found another home.

7. If you are selling your home, ask the Shreveport Real Estate Agent how they plan to market and sell your house. Get their marketing plan in writing no verbal promises, never do anything in the Shreveport Real Estate market verbally  You want a master plan that contains massive internet marketing. You want your Shreveport house or Bossier house to be found on the internet. You want no surprises or excuses later on. Be in control, and get their marketing plan in writing now. This is a major source of mis-communications and resentment when the seller is expecting several things to be done, and all the agent does is list it in the MLS.

8. Ask the Realtor this ” Are you willing to offer more commission to the buyers agent? There are a lot of savvy buyers agents just looking for Shreveport houses and Bossier City houses were the selling agent pays that extra 1/2% or a bonus to the person who brings in the buyer. This incentive can help sell your Shreveport – bossier house very fast.

9. Will the Realtor accept a contract for 60 days or less? Many Shreveport real estate agents will force you into exclusive contracts for 6 months to a year or more, but what if you have a bad agent? You can’t get out of the contract, unless it is approved by the broker. Then your Shreveport home sits there month after month, while all along you keep paying your mortgage payments. If they cannot sell your Bossier City Home in less than 60 days what makes you think they will sell it in 90-120-150 days?

10. One of the most searched terms on the Internet when looking for a home in Shreveport is “Shreveport homes for sale“. Is your Realtors current listings listed on any of those top ranked sites?

11. Is your home a distressed home? Some examples are.. going though foreclosure and you need foreclosure help Shreveport, going though divorce, not able to make your mortgage payments, does your Shreveport Realtor work with investors and do they have buyers able and ready to purchase your Shreveport house if a win – win can be created?

12. Final tip and this is the most important.. interview 3-5 Realtors wait 24-48 hours. Call them all back with 1 simple question just to see if they answer their phone. How hard is it to contact the Realtor  See who answers, who calls back right away, and who takes forever to get back in touch with you. This is the single most important thing in the Shreveport Real Estate Market when buying and selling houses.

If you need a referral for a Bossier City Realtor or Shreveport Realtor we have a few that we use we have pre-screened and currently use these people. Give us a call we will gladly refer one at no charge or cost to you.

Article writen by Krohn Group LLC. a company based out of Bossier City Louisiana, a Real Estate Investment Company.

What is Foreclosure ?

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013
Shreveport Real Estate


Buying a house is part of the American dream. You work real hard to save up enough money for a down payment, you search the Shreveport real estate market till you find the perfect house, and you choose the mortgage company that works best with your budget. After buying your house you are so happy u are on cloud nine! Unfortunately for some of us cloud nine fades away when we see that big F staring us in the face. That’s right Foreclosure!

Foreclosure can happen to anyone. There are several reasons why your house might go into foreclosure including being laid off, death of a loved one, or unexpected extra finances due to an accident, illness, or even a birth of a child. Life happens and with life we sometimes experience unexpected things that put us in very tough situations. Because of this hardship you are now in you start to get behind on your bills. Your mortgage starts calling you after you are a full 30 days past due. After about three months will you then also start receiving letters in the mail about your house going into foreclosure.

This is the right you gave your mortgage company when you bought the house. Just like with any other company you borrow money from no matter your financial situation you are responsible to make the payments. In the event you are unable to make your payments your mortgage company has the right to reposes your house and hold an auction to try and collect the money owed on the house. In the event your house does not sell or does not sell for how much owed a deficiency judgment could be pursued against you. Both of these could seriously affect your credit and could affect your ability to purchase a home or any other big purchase in the future.

In Shreveport, Louisiana when your house starts to go through foreclosure it goes through a process called a judicial sale. The first thing that happens in a judicial sale is the mortgage lender will file a suit with the Shreveport court system. You will then receive a letter from the court demanding full payment. In most cases you are giving 30 days to respond to this letter with payment to avoid foreclosure. In the event you do not make the payment a judgment will be entered and the lender can request an auction to be held on your home. Usually several months later the Shreveport Sheriff’s office will hold the auction. Once your house is sold you will be served with an eviction notice and will have to move out immediately.

From January to June of 2010 there were 1.9 foreclosure proceedings initiated. In September 2010 alone 1 in 371 homes received a notice. You might be saying those numbers are not really high or that foreclosure could never happen to you. Well you are wrong. Foreclosure can happen to anyone. Foreclosure effects you and your family in many ways such as an exceeded amount of stress, depression, possible loss of job if you haven’t already, possible divorce, forced to rely on others, or in some cases leaves you homeless.

If you are behind on your mortgage payments and are faced with possible foreclosure you have options. One option is to seek out help from a foreclosure avoidance counselor, another would be to speak with your lender right away, and can also locate the state of Louisiana and city of Shreveport’s foreclosure resources. Selling your house before it reaches the foreclosure process is also an option, some times a Short Sale is a solution. Whatever you do don’t ignore the problem, it will not go away.

Foreclosure Help Shreveport

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Shreveport and Bossier City Short Sale & Foreclosure Information

Homeowners who have to sell their Shreveport Home, and they owe a lot more on their house than it is worth may have another option and that option is called a “short sale”.  It is important to distinguish facts from opinion’s about the a short sale. In order for you to understand the Short Sale process in Louisiana, and know if a Short Sale could be the solution for your Short Sale Bossier City.  We have compiled nine of the most common Opinons that deal with short sale process, we hope that this information will help you and your family.

Opinion #1 – The Bank just wants to foreclose on my home, and will not negotiate a short sale.

The truth is your bank or mortgage company don’t want to issue a foreclose notice on your Shreveport Home, if they do it is very expensive and will take a very long time.

Some of the qualifications include the following:

1. Financial Hardship – You are unable to make your payment your expenses out weigh your income, you are in the RED every month.  Some hardships include: You or your spouse has been Laid Off, Unemployed, Arrested, Divorced, Medical, Death in the Family, Bought another home and can’t afford both notes.

2. You cannot afford your home – Income is less than your expenses each and every month.  You MUST show your Bank or Mortgage company that you currently cannot afford your payment, or you will soon not be able to make your monthly payments.

3. No Equity – You do not have any equity in your home, or other assets that can be sold to pay or make up the mortgage payments.

Opinion #2 – You have to be behind on your Bossier City mortgage payments to qualify for a Short Sale

The History of Louisiana Short Sales have dictated this, but Banks today want to see hardships that are verifiable, people who cannot make their monthly payment, and who might be approaching bankruptcy.

Short Sales are all about timing, the longer you wait the longer it will take, and the more of a chance the bank won’t approve you, anyone who says the short sale process is easy is lying to you, it will take some work on your part. It makes it easy when you have an Shreveport Real Estate Investor putting a offer in right away in the beginning of the process, and the Right Shreveport Realtor on your team.

Opinion #3 – There is not enough time to do a Short Sale, before my Shreveport house gets foreclosed on.

This hurts the homeowner more than anything. Foreclosure is a time consuming thing, and you will have some time to make decisions that can produce some better results for you and your loved ones.

The key is to take action, you can postpone the foreclosure process with the right person on your side helping you to do a Short Sale. Most Banks and mortgage company’s will stop a foreclosure on Louisiana home if there is contract to sell the home, and the right paperwork sent to the lender. Some Banks will even stop a foreclosure, if you can provide proof of a Bossier City Realtor listing the property. Hiring the right real estate professional who has the right education and has the experience in short sales and foreclosures is vital to your success. Call us and we can refer you to the best Shreveport Real Estate Agents

Opinion #4 – Having my property listed as a distressed property is embarrassing

To think twice about having people know publicly on the market, that your home is worth less than you owe. Think about this though, in a recent surveys show that 1 in 7.8 homeowners in America currently owe more on their property, and over 69% never pick up the phone to contact a real estate professional for any help before they lose their Bossier City Home to foreclosure.

In Shreveport – Bossier City, a short sale is not publicly recorded at the courthouse, only through a Realtors multiple listing service, so all the short sales that occur only the homeowner, the buyer, and the Shreveport realtors ever know that the person who owned the Shreveport House has ever faced hardship.

Opinion #5 – I have never heard of a Short Sale getting approved, and they drag on forever

At Krohn Group LLC.  we have been averaging approximately 45-90 days from accepted contract to the closing on the Shreveport home. We a Louisiana Short Sale Negotiator on staff, who has been negotiating on collections and was in the mortgage business for over 30 years who negotiates all the short sales.

Opinion #6 – Banks are not accepting Louisiana Short Sales

In today’s financial marketplace the reality is……the United States of America, and most U.S. Banks are wanting to do just about anything avoid foreclosure in Louisiana on many mobile homes, homes, & commercial properties.  More and more mortgage company’s, are pursuing short sales, and trying to avoid foreclosing on those properties. Banks and mortgage company’s are trying to improve their short sale process, to speed things up and to be more efficient with the whole process, as banks get this process better, more people will jump on board to try to do them. Who would you rather work with you, someone who worked with banks when it was a harder process or someone who has been doing Short Sales in Shreveport – Bossier City Louisiana, back when it was a hard process?

Opinion #7 – There are no Short Sale Buyers in Shreveport – Bossier City

In the Shreveport real estate market,  the word short sale, means good deal. Patient buyers = Short Sale, Patient home buyers = Cash, or Conventional Loan buyers.  These buyers are the best ones to have, because they wait for good deals, they have good credit, and are not flaky. FHA buyers are the Inpatient buyers who have to have it yesterday and will flake out on you in the last minute of your short sale. Someone can get a better Bossier City short sale price than a foreclosure.

Opinion #8 – Once the Bank takes back the Bossier property, all my troubles will be behind me

If your home goes though the foreclosure process and gets foreclosed on, you cannot control what happens at the foreclosure auction. If the loan grew much larger because of late payment fees, unpaid interest. When they Bossier Home goes though foreclosure and someone purchases it, if that amount is much lower that what you owed them. The Bank can come after you for the difference this is called a deficiency judgment, and they will 1099 you for the difference. If you don’t have a plan of action, you can bet 1 or both will happen. By contacting our company we can help you stay in control of what happens, what prices are set, what time frame, and even have the bank sign waivers if they accept the short sale to protect your future.

Opinion #9 – We don’t have any money to sell our Shreveport Home to pay for closing costs, Real Estate Agent fees

Krohn Group LLC. and any of it’s Shreveport Realtor’s DO NOT charge a homeowner any commissions, fees to negotiate, or any home owner consulting fees when we submit your Shreveport Louisiana home through the short sale process. Krohn Group gets paid for when the Short Sale is approved and the home is sold, the Shreveport Realtor gets paid when the home is sold and out of your name, the negotiator gets paid when the bank approves the short sale. The Bank pays for all this from it’s settlement funds. There is no money out of your pocket!

If you or a loved one is falling behind on their payments, and are facing foreclosure give Krohn Group a call we are Real Estate Investors, with a team of experienced, Real Estate Agents, Short Sale Negotiator, and Private Money Investors. Located in Shreveport – Bossier City Louisiana.

Call 318-965-6779 if you have a house for sell

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