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If you’re on this page, you more than likely are needing to sell your house fast, and are starting to feel desperate to get your Bossier City Home

 sold. Are you getting behind on your mortgage? Bought a new house and can’t sell your current home? Did you lose a job and now you can’t afford your mortgage? Did buy your home with a VA loan, and now Barksdale Air Force Base is transferring you? Did you list your Bossier City Home, and didn’t sell? Did you inherit a property from your parents, and the house hasn’t been updated for years?
We are Real Estate Investors located in Bossier City, LA. on Benton Road we have been in Business locally buying houses since 2005. Whatever the problem is, we can help, or at least refer or point you in the right direction!

Selling Your House is not as easy as it sounds

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”
Albert Einstein

One of the hardest decisions anyone can make who owns a home, is to sell it. Life has many twists and turns, different things can happen Death, Divorce, Loss of a Job, Health problems. These things can wreck havoc on your emotions, and at the same time you have to deal with the financial mess that it causes. Through it all you may be force to sell your Bossier City House FAST! You may be faced with a tough decision, to list your home with a Realtor, Sell it by Owner, or let the Bank take it back through foreclosure, these are all options. Only if your home is perfect, and in a great neighborhood do houses sell with a Bossier City Realtor at retail prices in Bossier City. It is our Goal at Krohn Group, along with our Partners to create a win-win for everyone involved, and through the process to be honest and straight forward from start to finish.

Beware of new investors promising the world

You may be going through hard times, and you are being forced to sell your Bossier City Home. You might be doing many Google searches trying to find someone to buy your house. Over 80% of those websites are national brands who just send leads and sell leads to other new investors. Many new investors do not know the true house values, and do not understand what another investor will pay for your Bossier House, They lock it up just like a Realtor and try to sell it. The Truth is you must be willing to offer terms, and/or a Major Discount to sell your house Fast.
Our first objective is…we are on your side, and if you don’t feel good about it, we won’t pressure you. We want to help you from the bad situation you maybe in. When life happens, selling your Bossier City house fast, we will offer you multiple solutions. We will always put your needs first, but understand we have to make a win-win for everyone involved.

Example of Options we offer:

1. We buy your Bossier City House with Cash
2. We buy your house and you finance it
3. We refer to a Broker if you need retail
4. we refer out to our Short Sale Specialist
5. We take over your payments and you deed the home over
6. Property Management ( If you will win each month with payments )
7. Many more

Many Options run out if you need to sell fast, we are here to help if you’re a distressed homeowner.

Here are some Reasons family’s have to Sell Their House

1. Divorce: Not much to explain here, these days it takes 2 incomes to pay a mortgage.
2. Job Loss: You may have lost your Job and your house is in Bossier City, LA.
3. Foreclosure: Your house may be in foreclosure for whatever reason, and you would like the chance to save your credit.
4. Estate Sale : Death in the family, and do not want the property and needs work.
5. Health Reasons: Whomever maybe sick, health problems are the biggest financial burden in America these days, and they can destroy your ability to pay your monthly payments.
6. Moved Out of State: Tried to rent house and the Bossier City renters are taking advantage of you.

Take Action

These are the main reasons why a someone might need to sell home in Bossier City, LA. For Whatever reason, understand you are not alone. We have helped many people over the last 14 years, and I personally understand what you maybe going though at this time. When you meet with one of our Local Shreveport, Bossier City Investors, we will listen and do our best to understand your problem, and point you in the right direction.

Fill  the form out below and someone will contact you within 24 hours form Shreveport, Bossier, Haughton, Blanchard, Keithville, Vivian, Greenwood, Louisiana area

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