Shreveport Real Estate Agent – What to ask before you hire !

1. Ask the Shreveport Real Estate Agent if they are licensed and if it’s up to date.

2. Ask the Realtor if they are a full time agent or part time agent, you would be surprised how many real estate agents out there are working part time, and marketing part time on your Shreveport home or Bossier City home.

3. What type of training do they have and continue to do, are they good at Shreveport internet marketing, or do they have a local expert company working with them? Have them show you their current listings on the web from their website and to any other resource they may have that shows their current clients homes. Since the Internet is the most popular way to find Shreveport homes and Bossier homes, you better have a agent that knows what they are doing when it comes to this area. You would be surprised how many Shreveport and Bossier Realtor’s know less than their clients.

4. Ask the Realtor if they answer their phone on a regular basis, and how long is their policy on returning your calls?

5. How many listings does the Bossier Realtor, or Shreveport Realtor have? If it is in the double digits then it is a red flag, that is a sign they go out and get listings on a day to day basis, put them in the Louisiana MLS, and do not concentrate on selling the properties. These realtors wait on buyers agents to come in and bring them them buyers.

6. Shreveport Home buyers and home sellers should ask the real estate agent for a printout of all the recent selling prices and the original listing prices of homes in their neighborhood. How much did the home’s sell for? How many days were they on the market? Did any of the sellers have to drop their price drastically to sell the home? Bottom line do your own due diligence on your selling price. DO NOT let the Realtor over price your home from the start, those people who look at it the first time will never show back up later once the Shreveport Home price is reduced, most of the time they have already moved on and found another home.

7. If you are selling your home, ask the Shreveport Real Estate Agent how they plan to market and sell your house. Get their marketing plan in writing no verbal promises, never do anything in the Shreveport Real Estate market verbally  You want a master plan that contains massive internet marketing. You want your Shreveport house or Bossier house to be found on the internet. You want no surprises or excuses later on. Be in control, and get their marketing plan in writing now. This is a major source of mis-communications and resentment when the seller is expecting several things to be done, and all the agent does is list it in the MLS.

8. Ask the Realtor this ” Are you willing to offer more commission to the buyers agent? There are a lot of savvy buyers agents just looking for Shreveport houses and Bossier City houses were the selling agent pays that extra 1/2% or a bonus to the person who brings in the buyer. This incentive can help sell your Shreveport – bossier house very fast.

9. Will the Realtor accept a contract for 60 days or less? Many Shreveport real estate agents will force you into exclusive contracts for 6 months to a year or more, but what if you have a bad agent? You can’t get out of the contract, unless it is approved by the broker. Then your Shreveport home sits there month after month, while all along you keep paying your mortgage payments. If they cannot sell your Bossier City Home in less than 60 days what makes you think they will sell it in 90-120-150 days?

10. One of the most searched terms on the Internet when looking for a home in Shreveport is “Shreveport homes for sale“. Is your Realtors current listings listed on any of those top ranked sites?

11. Is your home a distressed home? Some examples are.. going though foreclosure and you need foreclosure help Shreveport, going though divorce, not able to make your mortgage payments, does your Shreveport Realtor work with investors and do they have buyers able and ready to purchase your Shreveport house if a win – win can be created?

12. Final tip and this is the most important.. interview 3-5 Realtors wait 24-48 hours. Call them all back with 1 simple question just to see if they answer their phone. How hard is it to contact the Realtor  See who answers, who calls back right away, and who takes forever to get back in touch with you. This is the single most important thing in the Shreveport Real Estate Market when buying and selling houses.

If you need a referral for a Bossier City Realtor or Shreveport Realtor we have a few that we use we have pre-screened and currently use these people. Give us a call we will gladly refer one at no charge or cost to you.

Article writen by Krohn Group LLC. a company based out of Bossier City Louisiana, a Real Estate Investment Company.

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